Programming Collective Intelligence in Clojure

They say the best way to learn a new programming language is by programming in it. Therefore I’m starting this project converting algorithms in the book Programming Collective Intelligence into Clojure, while learning the best practices and language idioms during the process.

I’ve created a GitHub project for this. I’m not sure how far I’m able to go but let’s see.

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  1. I did the same thing a couple of years ago with Common Lisp, you can see at I took a detour into iPhone programming, then Clojure came along and I’m back to my first love. I’ve been thinking of going through the same exercise with Clojure. It should be easier with the “for” statement and simple syntax for maps, I imagine the code will look closer to the Python code.
    I’ve also been looking at “Collective Intelligence In Action”, which I thought would be easier since the code is in Java, but to me the examples look very enterprisey, full-blown Java with interfaces and FactoryFactories. “Programming Collective Intelligence” looks to be closer to the spirit of Clojure, more functional, dynamic, and fun.

    • Thanks for the comment, Richard.
      I’m not a hard core Lisp programmer. I studied Scheme as an undergrad but didn’t like it at the time. Now as I get more familiar with functional programming, I appreciate languages like Clojure more and more.


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